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 Monti Verdi Monti Verdi Middlebury, VT

Salame classico (5 oz)


A traditional salame from Northern Italy with bright notes of red wine, nutmeg and garlic.

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This salami reminds us of the mountains, with a pungent flavor of the garlic, the acidity of the wine, and the butteriness from the fat. It is a must try for anyone who wants to taste an authentically traditional salame. Handcrafted entirely by us at our USDA-inspected facility in Vermont. A traditional salami from Northern Italy with bright notes of red wine, nutmeg and garlic.

Ingredients :

  • Pork, Salt, Hot Pepper Paste (Hot Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vinegar, Salt), Calabrian Sweet, Pepper Paste (97% Sweet Pepper, Salt, Citric Acid), Sugar, Dextrose, Wine, Black Pepper, Garlic, Oregano, Culture Starter, Nitrites and Nitrates, Mold Starter, Rice Flour.
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  • Weight
    1 lbs
  • Dimensions
    5×5×5 in
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Monti Verdi
shipping Middlebury, VT

Where Italian Traditions Meet Vermont Pastures Benvenuti – Welcome Monti Verdi, or “Green Mountains” in Italian, is where our handcrafted salami begins. Our authentic Italian salumi-making methods merge with the Green Mountains of Vermont–where we call home–to bring you a marriage o...

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