Shake the hand that feeds you.

creating a digital farmers market.

While the local farmer’s market on the third Tuesday of every fifth month from 12:30 to 12:35 has some darn good food, you probably won’t make it, and you’ll opt for your go-to retailer. We can buy things anytime, from anywhere, with the touch of a button. So why not better food?

Farmshare was founded to give Americans access to better food, with the knowledge of where it’s coming from, who is raising it, and how it’s produced. No more mystery meat or waxed apples. Buy better food, straight from the farm.

helping build a fairer food economy.

Did you know farmers only make

$0.14 from every $1 you spend on  food?

We believe that the price you pay for food should reflect the real cost of producing it: the stewardship to preserve the land and support the farmers that grow your food for generations to come.

We at Farmshare are working to transform the way food is sold and distributed by connecting farmers and ranchers directly to consumers. By reducing the dependence on middlemen, producers can further invest in our land and create the best products in the most responsible ways. And we all benefit from healthier food at fair prices.

connecting farm to table.

We provide our agriculture partners with marketing resources, logistics solutions, and other operational capacities to help build and scale their online business. This gives them more time to focus on what we all care about most: producing premium food. We also help them make more informed decisions across harvest cycles, including what to grow and when to harvest. Today, 30% of the food we produce goes to waste. By building direct feedback loops and streamlined distribution channels, we can minimize waste and maximize the amount of good food getting into the right hands (or, mouths).