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Farmers markets are the best place to get real, quality food directly
from independent farmers. But, unless you live close to the farm or can make it
to the market every other Tuesday from nine-noon, this isn’t a
convenient way to grocery shop. We knew there had to be a better way.

Why We Created Farmshare

Farmshare was created so that you don’t have to compromise. Enjoy high quality,
transparently sourced, and sustainably grown food directly from independent American
producers around the country — all at your fingertips!

How it Works
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We work exclusively with producers who
share our values and prioritize the health and
well being of both their customers and our planet.
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Enjoy the highest quality food with total
transparency around where it comes from,
who produced it and how it was produced.
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Shipment Guarantee

We’ve partnered with every one of our vendors to ensure
your order is packaged safely and optimized for freshness.
If there are ever any concerns, we’ll send you a replacement order.
It’s as simple as that.

Fairer Economics

Did you know farmers only make $0.14 from every $1 you spend on food in traditional retail channels?
The rest is split between seven or more middlemen before the food finally ends up in your cart!
At Farmshare, we believe that the price you pay for food should reflect the real cost of producing it
and that the stewards of our land working tirelessly to deliver you a perfect product deserve a livable wage.
Producers on Farmshare can make four times more profit than selling to traditional channels.

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Journey of the meat you buy on Farmshare
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Farmers Market

The best selection of quality food you can trust
that will have everyone at the table licking
their fingers. Browse through our farmers market
and connect directly with independent farmers,
fishers, and ranchers across the country.

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