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 Completely Pickled Completely Pickled Redondo Beach, CA

Krazy Kraut

  • Amazing sauerkraut with a kick and hint of carraway seed
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Amazing sauerkraut with a kick and hint of carraway seed

We create artisan pickled products in a non-traditional way. Our incredible, unique products are made with apple cider vinegar without sugar, preservatives or gluten. We’re always coming up with new crazy pickling ideas so always stay tuned.  

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    2 lbs
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    10×10×10 in
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Completely Pickled
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The Best Pickles on the Planet! We’re Completely Pickled, a gourmet pickle and pickled vegetable company. We use our unique blend of fresh ingredients, Apple Cider Vinegar and fresh approach to traditional pickling without using sugar, preservatives or coloring to bring pickles to the 21st cent...

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