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Farmshare — Shake the hands that feed you.

Did you know farmers only makes $0.14 from every $1 you spend on food?

Farmshare started with the idea that we could connect consumers directly with food producers. We started working on the idea about a year ago. We wrote some code, partnered with some amazing producers, and a year later, it’s time. We are launching the first of it’s kind, online farmers market.

We at Farmshare want to transform the way food is sold and distributed by connecting farmers and ranchers directly to consumers. By reducing the dependence on middlemen, producers can further invest in our land and create the best products in the most responsible ways. And we all benefit from healthier food at fair prices.

Farmshare provides independent food producers with marketing and logistics solutions to help them sell online. We have partnered with FedEx to build a logistics solution that picks up straight from the farm and delivers products to customer doorsteps in 2 days or less.

By connecting you directly to the source, we can secure healthier economics for farmers, ranchers, fishers, and more. And in turn, you know exactly where your food is coming from, who produced it, and what you’re eating.

Shake the hand that feeds you.

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