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Why Farmshare

Why You'll Love Farmshare

We love shopping at farmers markets for the meaningful relationships with local food producers and the unparalleled food quality, but our increasingly busy schedules made getting over to the market nearly impossible. We sought all the best parts of farmers markets with the convenience of online shopping. So, we created Farmshare.

Here’s 4 reasons why you’ll love Farmshare, which also happen to be our core values:


Feel comfortable with and confident in where your food comes from and how it’s made - just like at the local farmers market. No games or gimmicks. The days of decoding convoluted certifications and labels are gone. Get to know our farmers here and order directly from them.


Farmshare levels the playing field for small, independent farmers that, until now, couldn’t compete with the pricing and distribution power of corporate food giants. We cut out all the middlemen in the food supply chain and empower you to “shake the hand that feeds you”.

Our Health

Everyone deserves easy, affordable access to steroid-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meat as well as produce grown without harsh, synthetic chemicals. Farmshare only works with quality-obsessed small farmers that share our values for healthy, natural food. No more mystery meat or waxed apples. Buy better food, straight from the farm.

Our Planet

Farmshare handpicks food producers that are passionate about safeguarding our planet through sustainable and regenerative farming practices. This means deliberate decision-making to prioritize preservation over profits, conserving our land for generations to come.

Try out some of our best selling products:

Legacy Ranch
Wagyu Variety Box
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