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The Chicken Bacon Ranch

Grand Rapids, MI

My lifelong dream of sharing the experience of homegrown goodness! All natural foods including: BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN, EGGS, LAMB, and PRODUCE!

Healthy | Sustainable | Delicious

Our Story

The Chicken Bacon Ranch is owned by Riley & Johanna Landacre. I (Johanna) have always had a dream to share the experience of homegrown meats, eggs, vegetables, etc. with my community. I had the privilege of growing up on a farm and enjoying all the homegrown goodness, daily. At the time I did not realize the benefits and quality of life this provided me until I moved off the farm for several years. In the fall of 2017, my sister, Emily, and I moved to the farm that is now The Chicken Bacon Ranch. Emily and I started working together toward this dream, with Emily focusing on the cows, while I focused on the smaller animals such as pigs, chickens, and lambs. Since then, we have grown and added a store front to our farm as well. We are now able to supply you with the best quality and naturally homegrown beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and eggs right here on the farm. Come out and let us share the homegrown experience with you today!

Our Products

We raise Holstein or Holstein crossed with Angus, Simmental, or Jersey cows. They are all raised by our family from a baby to finish. We work with local feed mills to ensure the best quality diet and provide them with a clean and happy environment. We pride ourselves in supplying you with choice plus grade beef with excellent marbling so that your meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

Our pigs are a variety of Heritage breeds. They are fed a special formulated diet for all their nutritional needs and love getting eggs and scraps as a treat. Our pork is a rich source of protein, key vitamins, and minerals. Our smoked products are naturally cured with no added nitrates. We do our best to offer you very tasty and nutritious pork!

Cornish Rock cross is our breed of choice for our meat birds. They are fed an all-natural diet with no hormones or antibiotics. They are raised in a low stress environment which results in the tenderness and high quality of the meat.

We purchased feeder lambs from 4-H kids this year. We wanted to support them since their 4-H shows and auctions were cancelled and they put so much love, time, and pride into their animals. We finished them out on pasture and high-quality grain. We will see what next year brings!