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Harvest Hills Ranch

Hillister, TX

Quality Nutrition with Convenience. Raised on diverse open range pastures.

How It All Began

Harvest Hills Ranch grew out of a legacy of farming and an education in nutrition. As a 7th generation farmer, the lifestyle is in my blood. Yet a lifestyle without purpose is not a recipe for making an impact. In more than 15 years of clinical practice, I watched patients struggle with food. Most didn’t know where to find it, how to prepare it or even how to have a healthy relationship with food. Their frustration bred my frustration.

In 2017, at the encouragement of my wife and partner Leah, the decision was made to launch down a different road. We would still support patients and emphasize good nutrition as a key to optimal health. Only now, we were going to do it from a different platform and with an emphatic voice. From this decision arose Harvest Hills Ranch.

What Makes Harvest Hills Ranch Different?

It has been said that for any given situation, the context surrounding the circumstances influences our interpretation of the events. For Harvest Hills Ranch, we approach every facet of the ecosystems that we nurture asking one question, “How can we further optimize the nutrition of our livestock to promote animal and human health.”

We knew that producing quality food would allow us to support more people than I could see clinically alone. I firmly believe that what we are doing is what we were called to do. It is not a job to us. It is a lifestyle that we live and embody. Complete transparency, prioritizing quality over quantity and constantly improving the environment are just a few of our uncompromising standards. Let us help you reconnect to food.

Core Values

  • Transparent: By practicing what we preach, consuming the same foods we provide our customers, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Environmentally Attentive: Each Management decision at Harvest Hills Ranch is made with an understanding of how it will impact the surrounding environment and with the intention of creating a landscape reflective of God’s design.
  • Convenient: In a world where convenience is associated with fast food, we aim to bring the same level of accessibility to our customers and erase the notion that convenience cannot be nutritious.



  • Harvest Hills Ranch

    Whole Pasture Raised Turkey

  • Harvest Hills Ranch

    Pastured Turkey & Pastured Chicken Box

  • Harvest Hills Ranch

    Pastured Chicken Box

  • Harvest Hills Ranch

    Grass Finished Beef Box


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