50 Oysters

  • A Box of 50 fresh oysters.

Origin: Fishing Creek, MD

Producer: Madhouse Oysters



Madhouse oysters. Cultured in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay’s legendary oystering grounds.

One encounter with Madhouse will change you.

Madhouse offersΒ Crassotrea virginica, the Eastern Oyster. Excellence on the half-shell.

  • Mid-Atlantic climate. Legendary oystering ground
  • Standout flavor delicately balancing the salt of the ocean with that hint of sweetness only the Chesapeake can offer
  • Our hard sandy bottom leases out in the mainstem of the bay yield consistently clean, crisp oysters
  • Size matters. We have the variety to meet the needs of every oyster lover πŸ˜‰

Like an excellent single malt scotch, Madhouse flavor is distinctive and we take a great deal of pride in delivering it to you on a consistent basis.

If it comes to you in a Madhouse box, it’s off our farm; no exceptions. That’s why the different brands of Madhouse oystersΒ have the same beautifully balanced flavor profile, beginning unmistakably with salt, finishing sweet, like a first kiss. The clean, crisp meat is an attribute derived from our unusually hard sandy bottom leases.
Order details:

  • Orders ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Orders place by 10am ET will be shipped out the same day
  • Oysters ship in a cooler with ice packs
  • Upon arrival place oysters in the refrigerator
  • Oysters may be kept refrigerated for 1 week after arrival

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × 16 in

1 review for 50 Oysters

  1. henry (store manager)

    I have ordered these oysters for 3 times.. they are so sweet and have the perfect brine! They arrive cold and in great condition. My friends and family love shucking them on the porch. Lots of fun and delicious!

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